Fishing in Switzerland

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Switzerland – has an effective way to explore different waters by allowing free right of fishing with no licenses, which is in many Swiss lakes. Basically, there is no age limit for fishing on waters that are subject to the free fishing rights. However, the selection of allowed devices is clearly limited.

  1. In the following, we present the general rules, some exceptions are mentioned during this presentation.
  2. A rod with a single hook, the provisions as also called Anbißstelle. This permits one man to have one hook.
  3. Only natural baits, such as worms, maggots , bread, dough , corn , potatoes , cherries etc. are allowed.
  4. Expressly not allowed, however are live or dead fish.
  5. Lures and fish imitations such as spoons , spinners or wobblers are also not allowed. Usually the free fishing is limited to the shore.
  6. The use of bait fish traps and Senknetzen is not allowed. Typical free fishing waters are the major lakes in the foothills and the Central Plateau Generally free fishable rivers and streams do not exist in Switzerland.

Below is a selection of the major Swiss lakes with free fishing rights.

Eastern Switzerland In the canton of Thurgau
The free right of fishing for Lake Constance and the submarine is considered . In these vast waters can be combined with the method allowed a variety of fish to catch , from perch (perch ) on Brachsmen ( bream ) , tench , carp up to eels and even rainbow and lake trout .

In the canton of St. Gallen may also be freely fished on Lake Constance. With Lake Walen and the St. Gallen part of Lake Zurich more interesting waters are fishable . The Canton of St. Gallen permitted under free fishing rights also on the bottom, and the barrel pin . Another option for young fishermen to 16 Age is the fishing of the ” Have ” (fortified indentations ) in Linthkanal .

The Glarus part of Lake Walen is also free fishable . In the canton of Glarus the Klöntalersee is especially youth -friendly. In addition to the basic and tenon fishing here is also fly-fishing -patent. 12 – to 18 -year-old must be accompanied by an proprietor patent-free even from the boat , fishing with minnow and Paternoster . In the canton of Glarus a barb ban.

In the canton of Zurich is not just an extended free right of fishing , bottom fishing and run pins are allowed on the lake of Zurich , the fisheries- attractive small lakes Greifensee , Pfäffikersee and Türlersee included therein and offer near the city diverse fishing opportunities.

Central Switzerland A great free offer awaits the angler fishing in the maritime empire central Switzerland.

The canton of Schwyz allows patent-free fishing at the cantonal banks of Zurich , Lauerzersee , Lake Zug and Lake Lucerne. The huge Lake Lucerne is open along its entire shoreline for recreational anglers, this however only public bank areas may be fished. In the canton of Uri and the bottom fishing is free of patent , for example, the numerous burbot in the deep , spectacular landscapes Uri . The little Seelisberger lake may be freely exploited . In the canton of Obwalden are lounging , Sarner and Alpnachersee of 1 April to 15 October open to the Freiangelei , even here on the bottom, is also permitted without the pin .

In the Canton Zug finally allowed anglers cast their baits with and without pin toll-free in Lake Zug , but with restrictions imposed by private rights on the west bank . In the scenic Aegerisee fishing is free for children up to 9 Year of age .

Central Plateau and Bern
Simple free fishing rights provide the fish-rich waters Hallwilersee and Sempach. In Fribourg young fishermen enjoy advantageous conditions: In the Lake of Morat free fishing rights also applies to fishing from a boat , children under 14 years of age may also fish in the company of a patentee with the Paternoster ( viola da gamba ) . Young fishermen under 16 fish free of charge on Gruyere and Schiffenensee where even walleye can be caught on worm. The Freiburg season lasts from the first Sunday in March to the first Sunday in October.

The abundance of water Canton of Bern has a lot to offer anglers. At Brienz – Thun and Biel applies the free fishing rights . The range of fish species ranges from the lake trout on perch and various whitefish up to perch, eel and catfish in Lake Biel , all of which can be caught with the worm.

West Switzerland
On the whole the Swiss side of Lake Geneva, the Rhone estuary in Valais down to Geneva applies free fishing rights . In the canton of Geneva Children under the age of 12 also applies Geneva free fishing rights . In the canton of Geneva Children under the age of 12 fish with Leger and the Paternoster . In the canton of Vaud same rule applies even to the age of 14 . In addition, the free fishing rights comes at Lac de Joux and on Lake Murten . Also on the expansive shores of Lake Neuchâtel is considered free fishing rights . Up to three rods with fixed pin may be used per person.

Ticino and Graubünden
From the shore of the Lago di Lugano and Lago Maggiore ( Lake Lugano and Maggiore ) , young people under 16 years of age may fish here with 2 fishing rods free .

law-abiding Although you have not set foot in an office in order to fish on free fishing waters , one is bound to be above the law, regulations such as closed mass and periods of fish to inform , and honor them. It applies the principle of law : “Not knowing is no excuse .