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Winter Skiing from Basel

Winter Skiing from Basel


Skiing from Basel is so easy with lots of resorts from 1 to a 3 hour radius, the problem is knowing about these resorts and what they offer is not as easy.


There are many reasons why you might choose Basel as a starting point for a winter sports holiday. If you are living in the city as an expat you are sure to want to try out the world’s best ski and snowboard destinations during your assignment. If you are here on business, say for the Baselworld watch and jewellery fair, it seems rude not to take at least a day out to visit the slopes. Also Euroairport, the airport Basel shares with Freiburg in Germany and Mulhouse in France, is a convenient gateway for skiers and snowboarders looking for a weekend or midweek break, or who want to avoid being shepherded around on a packaged holiday.

The good news is that it couldn’t be easier to use Basel as a base to get to the Alps. And not just the Alps, the nearest resort to Basel is actually in the Black Forest, in Germany, at Feldberg. Basel also lies in the mountain range known as the Jura, after which the Jurassic age is named, and for some of the season there are various winter sports you can indulge in here, with the closest resort to Basel in Switzerland at Langenbruck, in Baselland. The Alpine resorts all lie at least an hour or more from Basel, but getting to the resorts is a doddle. Basel lies at the heart of an efficient road network and the public transport is quite simply the best in the world. I lived in Basel and occasionally used the car, but for most of the 100-plus resorts I have skied in I have relied upon public transport and, despite the sometimes multiple connections, I have only ever missed one connection. Furthermore the getting there, and back, has been for me a large part of the enjoyment of a day out in the mountains using public transport. There is no stress, indeed the trip out there is therapeutic and the journey back is a great opportunity to enjoy some apres ski beers as a most amazing backdrop passes by. For one, two and six day outings, Swiss Rail runs the outstanding Snow’n’Rail scheme with significant discounts on both public transport and lift passes.


If you are flying into Basel, the airport is 23 minutes by bus from the Basel SBB railway station (with a tram connection under construction), and there are several timetabled buses an hour. Car hire is available from the airport from all the usual suspects. The motorway network effectively begins with the Basel ring road, 5 minutes drive from the airport. Basel is as well situated as Geneva or Zurich for getting to many Swiss ski resorts.


Click on the picture below for all the routes

Many thanks to Nic Oatridge at  http://www.swisswintersports.co.uk

Facts about Basel

The Basel region consists of two parts, Basel land (Landschaft) and Basel city (Stadt)


Basel stadt has a population (as of March 2013) of 172,091. As of 2008, 32.3% of the population 55,070 are resident foreign nationals.

The canton of Basel land (with its own capital of Liestal) has a population (as of 31 December 2012) of 277,973. As of 2007, the population included 48,719 foreigners who made up 18.1% of the population.

Both are two seperate cantons of the overall 26 cantons of Switzerland.


Air transport

EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg is operated jointly by two countries, France and Switzerland, although the airport is located completely on French soil. The airport itself is split into two architecturally independent sectors, one half serving the French side and the other half serving the Swiss side; prior to Schengen there was a customs point at the middle of the airport so that people could “emigrate” to the other side of the airport.


Basel has a large network of Trams and Busses, Click on the below link to see a full map and online Tram schedule http://www.bvb.ch/en/timetable-network/online-timetable


Basel Bahnhof SBB, self-proclaimed “world’s first international railway station.”

Basel has long held an important place as a rail hub. Three railway stations — those of the German, French and Swiss networks — lie within the city (although the Swiss (Basel SBB) and French (Bâle SNCF) stations are actually in the same complex, separated by Customs and Immigration facilities). Basel Badischer Bahnhof is on the opposite side of the city. Basel’s local rail services are supplied by the Basel Regional S-Bahn. The largest goods railway complex of the country is located just outside the city, spanning the municipalities of Muttenz and Pratteln. The new high speed ICE railway line from Karlsruhe to Basel was completed in 2008 while phase I of the TGV Rhin-Rhône line, opened in December 2011, has reduced travel time from Basel to Paris to about 3 hours

Businesses in Basel

The Swiss chemical industry operates largely from Basel, and Basel also has a large pharmaceutical industry. Novartis, Syngenta, Ciba Specialty Chemicals, Clariant, Hoffmann-La Roche, Basilea Pharmaceutica and Actelion are headquartered there. Pharmaceuticals and specialty chemicals have become the modern focus of the city’s industrial production.

Banking is extremely important to Basel:

  • UBS AG maintains central offices in Basel,
  • The Bank for International Settlements is located within the city and is the central banker’s bank. The bank is controlled by a board of directors, which is composed of the elite central bankers of 11 different countries (US, UK, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Sweden).

According to the BIS, “The choice of Switzerland for the seat of the BIS was a compromise by those countries that established the BIS: Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States. When consensus could not be reached on locating the Bank in London, Brussels or Amsterdam, the choice fell on Switzerland. An independent, neutral country, Switzerland offered the BIS less exposure to undue influence from any of the major powers. Within Switzerland, Basel was chosen largely because of its location, with excellent railway connections in all directions, especially important at a time when most international travel was by train.”

Created in May 1930, the BIS is owned by its member central banks, which are private entities. No agent of the Swiss public authorities may enter the premises without the express consent of the bank. The bank exercises supervision and police power over its premises. The bank enjoys immunity from criminal and administrative jurisdiction, as well as setting recommendations which become standard for the world’s commercial banking system.

  • Basel is also the location of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, which is distinct from the BIS. It usually meets at the BIS premises in Basel. Responsible for the Basel Accords (Basel I and Basel II), this organization fundamentally changed Risk Management within its industry.

Basel has Switzerland’s second tallest building (Basler Messeturm / 105m) and Switzerland’s tallest tower (St. Chrischona TV tower / 250m).

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Restaurants in Basel

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800° Steakhouse                  Meat specialties, near the exhibition center

Asian Goldener Drachen     Chinese and Vietnamese cuisine, Auf der Lyss

Atelier                                    Modern World Cuisine, Leonhardsgraben 49

Balade Restaurant               Creative cuisine, near Kaserne,

Birseckerhof                         Mediterranean cuisine, Heuwaage

Bonvivant Restaurant          Creative cuisine, Gundeldingen

Braunen Mutz                         Traditional swiss food, Barfüsserplatz

Brasserie Les Trois Rois      French cuisine at the Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois

Cheval Blanc                          Seasonal cuisine at the Grandhotel Les Trois Rois

Don Pincho’s                          A very popular Tapa’s restaurant, Sankt Johanns-Vorstadt

Eo ipso Restaurant                Creative cuisine, Gundeldingerfeld

Filini Restaurant                     Italian cuisine at the Radisson Hotel Blu

Filou at Ramada Plaza           Light market cuisine in the trade fair tower Ramada Plaza

Goldener Sternen                    Historic inn,  St Alban on the Rhine river shore

Grill 25                                      Urban Grillroom opposite the Trade Fair

Gundeldingerhof                      Creative cuisine, Gundeldingen

Hotel Brasserie Au Violon       French cuisine, Lohnhof

Hotel Helvetia / Chez Alain      Fish cuisine near the main station

Jeffery’s Thai Restaurant        Thai specialities near the Messe platz

Käferstube                                Cuisine des Alpes, exhibition center

Knock on Wood fusion         Fresh delicious healthy Vietnamese cuisine

Knock on wood at the Euler        Vietnamese Fine dining

Kohlmanns                                Traditional Swiss food, Barfüsserplatz

Koreahof                                   Korean cuisine, Gundeldingen

Krafft                                          Rheingasse

Kunsthalle                                 French cuisine, Steinenberg

kuuhl                                            Food from the Alps,  Steinenvorstadt 1A,

Le Train Bleu                            Mediterranean cuisine near main station.

Les Quatre Saisons                 Mercure Hotel Europe near the fair

Lemongrass & Ginger                   An Authentic Thai cuisine experiance, Steinvorstadt 79

Lily’s Stomach Supply            Best Thai green curry in Switzerland. Claraplatz

Mandarin                                  Cantonese cuisine, Gundeldingen

Mr. Pickwick Pub                    Great fish n`chips and pub food, Steinenvorstadt 13

Mister Wong                             Delicious Asian food , Centralbahnplatz 1

Mister Wong                             Delicious Asian food , Gerbegasse 76

Papa Joes                                 American Food, Barfüsserplatz

Pizzeria Sonneck                            Pizza & Pasta, Allschwil

Pfifferling Deli                          Seasonal cuisine, Gundeldingen

Premium Lounge                     Elegant banquets at the St. Jakob Park

Restaurant Bel Etage at the Teufelhof  Fine dining, Leonhardsgraben

Restaurant Besenstiel             Mediterranean cuisine near the theatre

Restaurant Caspar’s                 Seasonal dishes, Central Bahnplatz

Restaurant Charon                   French cuisine near Spalentor

Ristorante Da Roberto             Italian cuisine, Küchengasse 3

Restaurant if d’or                      Seasonal cuisine near Spalentor

Restaurant zum Goldenen Fass   Market-fresh cuisine, Hammerstrasse

Restaurant zum Tell                  Traditional cuisine, near Spalentor

Restaurant zur Rebe                  Seasonal cuisine near Claramatte

Rhywyera                                    Mediterranean cuisine, directly on the Rhine

Rubino                                         Mediterranean cuisine near the Kunstmuseum

Safran Zunft                               Historic typical Basel restaurant near Marktplatz

Schlüsselzunft                           Creative cuisine opposite the main post office

Seafood Café Spitz                    Fish specialties on the Rhine river

St. Alban-Stübli                        French market cuisine, St. Alban

Stadthof                                    Fine dining, Barfüsserplatz

Stucki  restaurant                    Fine Creative cuisine, Bruderholz

Tibits                                        Nice Vegitarian restaurant, Stänzlergasse 4, Basel

Vapiano’s                                       Highly rec freshly cooked Pizza and Pasta, Sterngasse 19, Basel

Voodles                                       Vietnamese street food restaurant.

Walliser Kanne                        Quality cuisine, between Marktplatz and Barfüsserplatz

Wanderruh                               Seasonal cuisine, Corner of Dornacher and Jurastrasse

Wettstein at the Basel Hilton   International cuisine, near the main station

Xiao Lu’s                                Chinese and Thai cuisine, Elisabethenstrasse


Fun for kids in Basel

Fun for kids in Basel

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Your list of local things to do with the kids.


Hi All
A full list of events happening now for kids are on the calendar page, below you can find links to all the local great everyday places to take kids.

Animal parks

Basel Zoo – Perfect for every family and look at buying a family card

Tier park Lange Erlan – Great Animal Park, free to enter

Kids clubs

Basel Cub Scouts – Pack 681 Based at the ISB in Aesch. A friendly fun activity group for young boys.

City parks

Grun 80 park and Botanical gardens – Great for taking the kids, feed the fish and a big play park, but watch out for the dinosaur!

Botanical gardens at the University

Kannenfeld park – nice park on the west of the city –

Swimming pools

Aesch / Pfeffingen – outdoor pool – only for summer!

Arlesheim – outdoor pool – only for summer!

Aqua Basilea –  indoor water park at Prattlen with lots of slides etc. *Expensive but fun

Backgraben Allschwill outdoor pool – only for summer!

Bettingen Swimming outdoor pool – only for summer

Binningen indoor Speigelfield indoor Swimming pool

Bottmingen Outdoor Pool – only for summer

Eglisse Swimming outdoor pool – only for summer * Closed 2017 for refurb

Laguna Badeland – Indoor pool and outdoor with wave machine. * Good value for money

Muttenz – indoor Swimming pool * Great pool and good value

Naturbad Riehen, fantastic outdoor swimming pool natural * Highly recommended, but bad parking

Reinach Gartenbad – Outdoor Pool – only for summer

Rialto indoor  – indoor swimming pool.

Sonnebad at Margerethan  Smaller but nice Outdoor Pool – only for summer

St Jakobs Swimming outdoor pool  – Family pool only for summer, but laned pool heated!


Speilzeug Welten – Formerly the puppet museum –

Basel paper Museum – Get creative with the kids –

Naturel History museum Really nice museum, not like its website 😮

Cartoon Museum it is what it says

Mini steam trains

Ysebähnli am Rhy  Minature steam trains for kids to ride

Indoor play groups/centres

Oki doki kinderland – The biggest indoor playground for kids, but can get a bit busy

Gymboree Basel  – Nice children’s play centre – Weiherweg 86 (by Schützenmatt Park)

Kindermusik at Dreispitz

Swiss Mega Park – Trampolines, climbing and lots lots more

The jump factory Basel – Fantastic indoor trampoline park


Great things to do in Basel

 The Best Places to visit in Basel

Zoo pic

Zoo Basel is, with over 1.7 million visitors per year, the most visited tourist attraction in Basel and the second most visited tourist attraction in Switzerland.

Established in 1874, Zoo Basel is the oldest zoo in Switzerland and, by number of animals, the largest. Through its history, Zoo Basel has had several breeding successes, such as the first worldwide Indian rhinoceros birth and Greater flamingo hatch in a zoo. These and other achievements led Forbes Travel to rank Zoo Basel as one of the fifteen best zoos in the world in 2008.

Despite its international fame, Basel’s population remains attached to Zoo Basel, which is entirely surrounded by the city of Basel. Evidence of this is the millions of donations money each year, as well as Zoo Basel’s unofficial name: locals lovingly call “their” zoo “Zolli” by which is it known throughout Basel and most of Switzerland.


The Basel museums cover a broad and diverse spectrum of collections with a marked concentration in the fine arts. They house numerous holdings of international significance. The over three dozen institutions yield an extraordinarily high density of museums compared to other cities of similar size and draw over one million visitors annually.

Constituting an essential component of Basel culture and cultural policy, the museums are the result of closely interwoven private and public collecting activities and promotion of arts and culture going back to the 16th century. The public museum collection was first created back in 1661 and represents the oldest public collection in continuous existence. Since the late 1980s, various private collections have been made accessible to the public in new purpose-built structures that have been recognized as acclaimed examples of avant-garde museum architecture.



Local groups and associations

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Social groups, sports clubs and assoc.

If you want to list your club on this page for free

send us a message below


Basel Book club                                  (monthly book discussions)

Basel Bridge club                A fun social Bridge club for beginners to experienced players

Basel Children’s trust    (A great support group for young families and Families to be) 

Basel Connect                                     (A Cultural social group) 

Basel Cub scouts   ( Based at the ISB in Aesch. A friendly fun activity group for young boys).

Basel Dragon boat club                      (Free to try)

Basel Dragons running club              (Free to try)

Basel Badgers Mountain bike club  (Experianced mountain bike club)

Basel Flouncers                 an expat discussion group on facebook

Basel Hash House Harriers               (drinking, running, social group)

Basel International Girl Guides ( Based at the ISB in Aesch. A friendly fun activity group for young girls).

BASS Basel area sports and social club      (Free to Join)

Basel ski and snow boarding group            (Free to Join)

Basel spouse meet up group                       (Free to Join)

Basel wine tasting group                               (Free to Join)

Centre point                                      (Ex-pats meeting and support centre)

Family active                       (A family events meet up group for sports minded families)

Java user group Basel                               (Free to Join)

IWi Basel                                  International womens institute, A place for women in Basel, Switzerland and the surrounding areas to make new friends

La Leche league Basel            (breast feedingsupport group in Basel)

Les Arts Sceniques                        Basel acting school for kids 7 to 11 who have groups in English

Nights out in Basel group                          (Free to Join)

Basel and Zurich Music makers               (Free to Join)

Rock climbing group Basel

Semi circle                                         (Basels Theatre and Drama group)

Texas hold Em group Basel             (Weekly meetings in Basel)

The American women’s group 

Toastmasters of Basel                     (Multilingual speaking group)

Webilea web events group Basel                (Free to Join)









This site is for the English speaking residents and visitors to Basel to give you up to date information about what’s happening in Basel for everyone on Restaurants, take aways to nights out for the family as well as where to go to entertain the kids on a weekend.



.Day trips out of Basel are also good to know so the 40 great things to do in Switzerland gives you links to different places for day trips. There are links to not only Summer places to go, but a great Skiing website that give you loads of info about where to go, how far away and what available at the resorts. This website is also to help people thinking about coming for Weekend breaks to the city.

Also available for up to the date offers…


About Basel

Basel is made up of 2 seperate cantons. Basel Stadt and Basel land. Together it has a population of 450,064 people with 23% of them (103,789) been foreign nationals or Ex-pats as they are warmly known. Basel Stadt has 48,719 and Basel Land 55,079 Expats living in these regions. Its estimated that there is over 200,000 people in Basel speaks English as either a first, second or third language.

It also has a very diverse mixture of foreign nationals who are catered for by a large amount of clubs and organisations dedicated to helping everyone feel at home from English speaking new Mums groups, to running and Dragon boat clubs, many social groups organise nights out and day trips around the country. The problem is finding out about these clubs is not so easy as many different sites have different limited information. This is where we can help!

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