This site is for the English speaking residents and visitors to Basel to give you up to date information about what’s happening in Basel for everyone on Restaurants, take aways to nights out for the family as well as where to go to entertain the kids on a weekend.



.Day trips out of Basel are also good to know so the 40 great things to do in Switzerland gives you links to different places for day trips. There are links to not only Summer places to go, but a great Skiing website that give you loads of info about where to go, how far away and what available at the resorts. This website is also to help people thinking about coming for Weekend breaks to the city.

Also available for up to the date offers…


About Basel

Basel is made up of 2 seperate cantons. Basel Stadt and Basel land. Together it has a population of 450,064 people with 23% of them (103,789) been foreign nationals or Ex-pats as they are warmly known. Basel Stadt has 48,719 and Basel Land 55,079 Expats living in these regions. Its estimated that there is over 200,000 people in Basel speaks English as either a first, second or third language.

It also has a very diverse mixture of foreign nationals who are catered for by a large amount of clubs and organisations dedicated to helping everyone feel at home from English speaking new Mums groups, to running and Dragon boat clubs, many social groups organise nights out and day trips around the country. The problem is finding out about these clubs is not so easy as many different sites have different limited information. This is where we can help!

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