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Lasting Beauty

Indulge yourself with that indescribably good feeling of looking good – around the clock.
Permanent make up highlights your natural strengths and ensures that you look perfect in any situations.


Beauty for everybody who cares about an attractive appearence.

  • who wants to save time
  • who wears glasses or contact lenses
  • who suffers from visual disorders or blindness
  • who activly participates in sports
  • who has allergys to conventional cosmetics
  • who has sparse hair
  • during or after chemotherapy
  • with facial scars
  • who wants to subtly embelish eyebrows, eyelids or lips

Our procedures and techniques are the latest Modern, safe and Hygenic.

Get perfectly shaped Eye brows, Eye lid lines to add depth

and beautiful contoured lips.

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Our trained eye for facial proportions and finely tuned colours, as well as our technology and design skills, deliver results which will amaze you.

Call now for a consultation with our Basel team on 061 271 0604

All worked carried out at our Practice

St Albans vorstadt 78, Basel



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